As your marriage celebrant, my priority is to create for you, a meaningful ceremony from the heart, so that your occasion is one that you and your guests will always remember.

Your marriage vows are the most important promise you will ever make in your life. I can offer you many choices of vows or words to help you create your own unique promises of love.

I am happy to include love or religious blessings and readings. If children are involved, it would be my pleasure to include them in the ceremony so that the day is a significant occasion for them as well.

I can include rituals such as love locks or sand blending, handfasting or unity candle lighting, rushnyk, stefania, unity stone, love letter and wine box, bell of truce, unity bouquet, elemental blessing etc as a symbol of your love or the uniting of your family. There are many ways to include your family if you wish.

Want to elope? – sure, everything is confidential. You are welcome to marry in my little garden with your witness or up to 10 guests at no extra cost, or ask me about Elope with a Twist package.

Renewal of Vows, Anniversaries,
Love Commitments & Partnerships

After meeting with you and based on the information you provide, I will create a very meaningful and personal ceremony just for you. Your ceremony is a very special occasion and I take great care to ensure that it is a memorable one.

Certificates are included to celebrate the occasion. Although witnesses are not required, you may wish to have your children or friends to be involved in your commitment. In the case of renewal of vows or anniversaries, you may choose to have the witnesses from your original wedding.

The ceremony can be as simple or creative as you wish. The lighting of a candle, blending of sands, exchange of rings or the sharing of wine can be included to express your commitment to each other. Religious or beautiful poems and readings can be woven into the ceremony.

Marriage Equality

All couples in a loving relationship are able to enjoy the rights of marriage. As the laws in Australia now recognise equality for all, everyone can celebrate their relationship by having a beautiful marriage ceremony to openly and proudly declare your love to each other as well as to your family and friends.

The ceremony can be as simple or creative as you wish. You might want to write your own personal vows or choose from my extensive selection, exchange gifts or rings or include extras such as handfasting, champagne ceremony, love locks or one of the many additions that I offer.

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a welcoming of your child into the community of your family, extended family and wider circle of friends. It acknowledges the parents and recognises the role of the Godparents, Guardians, Grandparents and all those important in the life of your child.

If you have older children, it is nice to honour them with a certificate and include them in the ceremony.

Perhaps you would like to have children, family members and friends involved in the ceremony with one or more of these suggestions – love, spiritual or religious poems or blessings, Zodiac reading, rose petal shower, sand ceremony, elemental blessing, candle lighting, planting of tree, bubble blowing, giving of gifts such as the Luckenbooth brooch, star sign or birthstone pin from siblings, relatives or Godparents.

My aim is to personalise the ceremony for you and your child to make it a memorable occasion for you to cherish and remember always.

Funerals, Scattering of Ashes
& Memorials

It is my privilege to prepare and deliver a ceremony to farewell your loved one in a dignified manner and in a way that reflects your feelings and wishes and honour the life that has been lived. Perhaps you might like to include a candle lighting or place special photos, flowers, letters of love or symbols of their life.

Precious memories, silent tears, miss you everyday of every year.
Ceremonies created with love and dignity.

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